Welcome back; It’s been a while

A sure sign of fall is the obsession over fantasy football stats, back to school shopping and the Hampton 5-miler.  The Hampton race has developed into a tradition for our family, with events for the girls to get them into the swing of things, including a fun warm-up and a 1 km event around the school and the track. After, there is a challenging 8 km route for the adults, one featuring two decent hills that will test you as well as a significant downhill portion that can yield fast, fast times.

This year, the event serves as the NB championship for the 5-mile distance, which is a way to say there will be plenty of top level racers on hand and the pace will be quick.

That said, it is important for the rest of us to go our own pace and not to get caught up with the fast-paced rabbits. Easier said than done!

This is just my second race of the year, but it will be a good assessment of where I am at in prep for PEI.

The past two years, I have posted times of 38:04 and 38:02 for the 8 km. Not sure if I can better those but those will serve as measuring sticks.

After this race, it is likely we will head to Fredericton for a half marathon Sept. 22, the final race test before PEI.

As you can gather by the elongated break from this blog, August was pretty hectic in terms of life at the family homestead. My wife, who is training for a half marathon in PEI as well, was out of the country for nine days, we wrapped up our soccer season, traveled to PEI for my cousin’s wedding, which I took pictures at, and then got ready for school.

It ultimately cost me in terms of running. There were some gaps for sure. I got all the Sunday long runs in and most of the general runs but the biggest victims were the speed and tempo runs.

Tuesday, was a nice 11km recovery run with a slight drizzle, nothing too major and certainly not the downpour it was at times during the day.

It finished with six strides, those 100 metres sprints with 200 metres break. Overall, it was a nice evening for a run.

On the weekend, I tackled 32 km for the second time. It was humid and I started at 11:30 a.m. Two big strikes against potential success. Let’s say, if the humidity is a factor in PEI, I am toast. That simple. Sunday, I was great for the first 24 km then it hit.

So I basically ran-walked the final 8 km and still finished with an average of 6:35 per k, which is more than acceptable for a long slow run. Just the finish was blah.

This week features the Hampton run and a 27 km long run as well as some extended tempo work Thursday, featuring a series of 1,200 m intervals at 5km speed.

Just took a look at the registration for PEI. Last year, 275 people finished the full marathon and 3:59:59 was good for 117th place, slightly better than halfway. This year, registration is at 114 to date.


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