Final week of preparation


We took this photo of the finish line during the 2010 P.E.I. Marathon. It is a special setting for all racers, who get a glimpse of the historic setting after a final turn, approximately 1/2 kilometre from the end.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Hope everyone enjoyed or will enjoy the spoils. We have a small gathering here today to enjoy our feast. The timing is perfect, especially after a 19 km effort last night.

As far as training goes, to take a page out of the baseball handbook, we can say, “Now batting, participants in the P.E.I. Marathon.”

With the conclusion of weekend events around the region Sunday, the P.E.I. Marathon steps to the forefront, with its 10th anniversary edition. Finely crafted medals await the finishers in the variety of distances and I suspect approximately 2,000 athletes will take part, all eager to race toward the impressive finish line as shown above.

The finish line is symbolic for many on the Island, one of the quintessential settings for P.E.I. tourism folks,  a landmark location that dates back significantly in the history books.

The race is a reflective journey in many ways, as I will catch a glimpse of my childhood home, my old high school and university, the path I use to bike to work in my old Red Cross swimming days and many other points of reference when I called Charlottetown home,

I’ve always wanted to run this marathon, dating back to my youth but here we are, finally ready to tackle the beast.

In fact, envisioning the final 385 yards of this event is one of the pictures that’s served as a motivator during the past 21 weeks of training, which has, as predicted, encountered plenty of highs and lows.

In many ways, it is hard to believe the big week is here, with Sunday’s race right around the corner.

Through the process, I’ve enjoyed reading the accounts of many other runners, with their particular running progression and used that to boost my efforts.

It’s 148 days into this plan and just three training runs remain, one of which is an optional effort Saturday, more or less to shake the cobwebs out.

I’ll likely post regularly this week and after it ends with various thoughts on random topics.

Up next, slow 10k effort Tuesday.

Enjoy the turkey.

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