Recovery, fond memories, next goals


This was in the early stages of the P.E.I. Marathon Sunday as we ran adjacent to Brackley Beach.

I figure it took about 72 hours after the marathon for my legs to feel right. The biggest pains were in my thighs and walking to my second floor office was a chore on Tuesday and Wednesday.

But other than that, the physical discomfort and pain levels after the P.E.I. Marathon were surprisingly low, at least compared to a year earlier in Moncton.

I must admit, I have slept very well this entire week and while there was an urge to run, I have not got out yet. My plan is to run 5 k on Saturday and 8 k on Sunday. Nothing crazy. Just get the blood flowing. I have the slightest of pains in my right knee but really at this point, fatigue is the biggest issue.

I must also admit to a bit of a post-marathon case of the blues. nothing substantial but I find myself envious of those heading to Moncton for the annual Legs for Literacy Sunday- including some close running friends who have all trained hard and showed great determination in their preparations.

Good luck in particular to Shelley, April and Andrew.

I know they will perform well in Moncton, which is a great event, complete with cheerleaders at water stations. “Give me an R-U-N, Gooooooo Runner’ they might cheer.

Jaime and I are headed to the Creepy Crawl 1k event tomorrow morning to kick off the Halloween festivities.

But before going too much farther, I wanted to touch base on a few loose ends that made this past weekend so special.


Above: Kathy looking strong as she hits the finish Sunday morning, me in my final sprint at 42 km after a cheezy thumbs up to the marathon photographer at the 40 km mark.

So in random order, here goes.

The finish area was electric on Sunday, with both sides of the final stretch lined with family and friends, cheering the runners on regardless of their distance or time. It was fantastic to see old friends such as Greg and Corena, whose enthusiasm for our performances was amazing. It should be noted they both are accomplished triathletes, who have competed 11-12 hour Ironmen events at a national calibre level. So to get a chance to chat after and hear their enthusiastic comments was extremely nice on their part. I will say if you ever need a positive reinforcement coach, Corena is the person for the job!

BXBq_TPCQAAnlTH.jpg large

‏@CharlottetownPE retweeted this photo taken by @jeremymacfadyen at the finish line Sunday.

Yet, that enthusiasm was the prevailing mood at the line as we bumped into many old friends, family members and even a  former colleague from New Brunswick.

I have to mention my brother Kent, a veteran of 4 P.E.I. marathons. He did not take part this year but he lent me his Garmin when my did not come in from Quebec as it was being repaired (see below). He also joined us for the carb load meal and then on race day, he ventured to the midway point to see me in action (regrettably, I did not see him) and then was at the finish to offer congratulations with the whole family. There have been plenty of texts sent his way in the past 2-3 years to chat about running, training and the potential to break four hours, which he did in 2012.

Maybe, we will get together for the same full marathon soon.

Through all of the photos, we did not get any of Kathy’s virtual training partner Debbie or Kathy’s cousin Jan, who both completed the half marathon as well. Debbie’s husband Joe took his girls and our girls to the 6km mark of the half to cheer Kathy and Debbie on and that was a nice treat for them.

We were not the only ones to experience that level of support but like all, it was gratifying and appreciated.



We celebrated the Boston news at the finish! Sunday, we combined for 105.5 km of racing!

Kathy’s friend Tanya took part and ate with us during our carb loading meal. During our pasta eating frenzy, she casually brought up that she needed to shave two minutes off her previous marathon time to qualify for Boston. She came close in Ottawa earlier this year and the trip to PEI was motivated by a major goal. “Oh yeah, that’s nice…WHATTTTTTTT…Boston?!?!?!”

She was determined, focused, ran a smart race and when she crossed with seven minutes to spare, she could officially start making plans for the Boston in 2015. I finished a few minutes after she did and when I was in the finish corral, she was the first one to greet me. In the midst of my initial recovery, I immediately wanted to know how she did and I was so happy for her when she told me the good news. We all were!



The cousins with their best Don Cherry impression before the Spud Run Saturday at the UPEI track.

Things kicked off during the weekend with the Spud Run on a cool and chilly morning session Saturday, with two laps of the Canada Games track at UPEI. The girls were proud of their performance and at one point, we had six first cousins lined-up on the track at the same time and more relatives, if you include second cousins who were involved.

It was a perfect way to start the event, even if the temperatures were a little frosty and the winds a little breezy. There were a few treats, noise makers for the next day and a t-Shirt, complete with a big Spud on the front.

spud start

It was a little crazy at the start of the Spud Run! The girls’ cousin John is right in the middle of the second row, with a fierce look of determination on his face.

Speaking of temperatures, we could not have asked for a better day Sunday, with the temperatures ranging from 8-9 C at the start with no wind to 13-14 C at the end with a decent headwind. I have read where one of the key factors in a good race is the weather, which no one can control. It worked out fine and was a major positive factor for all the participants.


Yes, it is true, there was a giant inflatable beaver on the course, I think at the half way point. Unmistakable but not a distraction. Also, I did not see any small or large animals en route, a surprise given the amount I encountered during training. But we did pass a couple of farms and in one field, the easily identifiable scent of manure blasted up our nostrils.


As mentioned above, I thought I had my Garmin issues figured out but when we left for PEI, it had still not arrived from Quebec, where I had sent it for a second time to get repaired. It arrived Monday. Not good. The good news is that for now, at least, it appears to be in working order. There is a 90-day warranty with it, so we shall see.


On Tuesday, when I headed back to work, the emails came fast – from Kathy – investigating our next big race. Obviously, her performance was a positive experience – although I am concerned the first option she picked came complete with a wildlife warning and what to do in case of bear attacks!


The immediate goal is to find a 5km race so I can officially complete the Run NB cycle – a 5km, 8km, 10km, 21.1 km and 42.2 km event in the calendar year. The 5 km race is the last one for me and while I did run a 5 km at the local school in May, I am not sure it was an official event – although it seemed like it was. As for the future, it is  a good bet we’ll tackle something substantial in the spring or early summer.  If we are chatting about it now, less than a week after the finish, it will probably happen.

So again, good luck to all headed to Moncton this weekend and we’ll be back here on a somewhat regular basis as we move forward.


The post-race rewards included lots of milk, pizza and this special 10th anniversary medal for all finishers.

2 thoughts on “Recovery, fond memories, next goals

  1. Thank you, Kevin. You never cease to inspire. Enjoy your rest. I know how those frigging blues work. Just before te blue nose, I had some pre-marathon blues wondering what I would ever do with my time once training for the run was over. I certainly don’t feel that way as I approach L4L. At BN, I felt like I had something to prove (to myself, anyway!). This time, it’s more about fun…. But I can feel Boston in the distance and it’s what is keeping me hungry!
    Keep writing, keep posting, keep running.
    You’ve got a beautiful family. Thanks so much for sharing them with us!


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