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Signal Hill 2

One of the highlights for Andrew and his wife Helene was a spectacular run up to Signal Hill during a family vacation to Newfoundland.

“To me, sleep is underrated.  Particularly on weekends.  Usually, it took a forklift to get me out of bed on a Sunday!  Now, if I don’t get my long, slow run in on a Sunday, I am Cranky McCrankerson!  Funny how running does that to you. A long distance training run can fly when you are chatting about sports, family activities, kids, music, life.   I find that time to be solitude, to enjoy the company, the scenery and be away from BlackBerries and computers.”

I met Andrew Holland when I first moved to Fredericton in 1997 and we were both covering sports. We’ve kept in touch since and have both come to enjoy the benefits of running. Of all the stories of battling through health adversity in 2013, Andrew’s recovery is near the top of the list. Earlier this week, he continued his impressive strides by braving the elements in the 2014 Resolution Run. Here is his story from 2013.




by Andrew Holland

I draw inspiration and motivation from the words of fellow runners and am happy to be invited by Kevin to post a recap of the past year given some of the health adversity I had previously faced.

2013 was a year of personal growth, a lot of learning and some injury frustration.  But all in all, a very rewarding year.

Since 2009, I had really been a casual runner, typically going out three times a week doing Continue reading