In Maribeth’s words – The Running Whys, bodybuilding edition


Maribeth has transferred her passion for running to the weight room and dedicated much of 2013 preparing for a bodybuilding competition in Ontario. She placed third and fifth in two divisions at the event and now is getting ready for the provincial championships later this year in Toronto.

“I knew nothing. I was starting from scratch. I joined Goodlife, started at a women’s only gym and used the machines. I also completely changed my nutrition. Reading a lot of articles and following various well-known Fitness Gurus on social media, I was hearing more and more about “eating clean”. Reducing sugar, removing processed foods, and learning more about good carbs versus bad carbs, I outlined a nutritional plan that worked. I was down 8 pounds in 2 months. I was starting to get hooked.”

Through social media, I have reconnected with a few old friends from the great days of teaching swimming lessons for the Red Cross on those P.E.I. beaches and pool decks. One of those is Maribeth Ryan, who worked as a swimming and boating instructor when I was there. She ultimately landed in Ontario and when I was training for my first long races, she would offer encouraging words with a note or two.  This past year, she made big fitness decision and enjoyed great success in another field, building off her love of running.

Here is her story.




by Maribeth Ryan

I have been a runner all my life. It’s funny how even though I no longer consistently run, I still consider myself a runner. Running has always been my way of finding peace, quiet, and solitude. Continue reading