In Julia’s words – The Running Whys


Julia celebrates after crossing the finish line to complete the Legs for Literacy half marathon in October.

“My mom and step-dad were cheering me on from the roadside—and I finished the race 10 minutes faster than my goal time. I felt like white-girl Usain Bolt. I blasted Bruce Springsteen on my iPod and went full-out. I was hooked. Summer 2013 turned into a summer of (by my standards) serious running.”

One of the beauties of social media is the ability to connect in group forums and work on common goals. That’s where I got to know Julia, in a running group our mutual friend April developed in December. The aim of the Saint John Streakers – not that kind of streakers! – was to run at least one mile each day during the month. You could run longer if you wanted but the overall goal was to help keep the holiday weight gain to a minimum. We monitored our progress with updates on Facebook and Julia was one of the most enthusiastic and regular participants, even celebrating her birthday with a monster length run after Christmas. But as we learn, running in 2013 provided much more for Julia.

Her story is below.




by Julia Wright

It’s kind of hard for me to explain how I got into running: I was a bookish, non-athletic kid. Gym class felt like a special torture devised to embarrass me. I preferred to write lines in advance, stuff them into the teacher’s hands, then park myself on the bench with the Chronicles of Narnia or Harriet the Spy. Continue reading