Hockey and running

Try as I might over the holidays and winter to maintain a regular running regiment, it did not happen.

Too dark, too much snow, too dreary.

Among the many excuses for my lack of consistency, those are the ones which raced to the forefront.

So with the start of spring, the running season and the Stanley Cup playoffs, a group of us decided to resurrect the Saint John Streakers club that operated in December, which encouraged all members to run at least one mile each day of the month.

There was enthusiasm to get the band back together again and we have, getting underway April 7 with a goal of running at least one mile everyday until mid June – or the end of the playoffs. Take your pick.

For me, it is a good opportunity to watch hockey on our treadmill, which I dread sometimes but not on cool week nights at 9 p.m.

And one period of hockey equates to between 35-40 minutes of running and that is good for me.

It’s also led to some good mileage and prepped me for progressively longer long runs that comes with training for an event.

That will be the next thing – picking a race. I am leaning toward a return to PEI in October but there are several other options at that time of year.

In the short term, there is a neat race at Saint John Airport May 3 and an uberfast 5k in Grand Bay in June.

And this year, I think I’ll get my revenge at Marathon By the Sea with a second run at the half marathon, the same race that sapped plenty of confidence in 2012.

Anyhow, hope you are enjoying the return of The Running Whys. More details coming on MBTS soon.



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