The Running Whys – Haley Adams-Green

Haley Adams-Green races toward the finish line of the YSJ Airport Run. She is active participant in the Run NB series of events and will once again be racing in Marathon by the Sea this August. Photo Submitted

Haley Adams-Green races toward the finish line of the YSJ Airport Run. She is an active participant in the Run NB series of events and will once again be racing in Marathon by the Sea this August. Photo Submitted

As an accountant, Haley Adams-Green is naturally drawn to numbers, like the kind of statistics generated on one’s Garmin. But for Haley, running, particularly in the Greater Saint John area, provides so much more, ranging from social to inspiration, from goal setting to volunteerism. She is active in many Run NB events in addition to regular competitions in triathlon. She has also organized races and in August, she will be on hand once again at the 2015 Emera Marathon by the Sea. Here is her story on why she runs.


by Haley Adams-Green

I used to dread track and field day at school. I was never very fast. Growing up in a very small community in Nova Scotia, I also was never exposed to the world of running. I didn’t know I didn’t need to be fast, I just needed to get out there and do it (and the “fast” is a relative concept that comes with time)!

My father-in-law inspired my husband and I to start running when I was in my twenties. I soon became truly addicted. Being an extrovert with a love for a very “solo” sport, I started actively seeking running clubs so that I could meet new people who shared my passion, and continue to babble on while I ran. I’m not a good iPod or treadmill runner – its all about the fresh air and company for me! Being an accountant also means hours and hours at a desk. I have way too much energy to sit all day – I need to get out and burn off the energy at the end of the day!

I run for four reasons: to reduce stress, be fit, make amazing lifelong friends and to model an active lifestyle for my kids.

I love that running is something that you can be competitive at, but also support others. I’m competitive against myself (each race is an opportunity to beat my personal best) but am so invested in seeing the success of my running peers. I met my Brent Kelly 2015 other“running bestie” one night at a run club in 2010. We both had babies at home. Her first words to me were “My dog threw up on the kitchen floor and my baby is cranky. I had to get out for a run!” I knew right then that we would be friends. Together, we solve life’s tedious problems, one km at a time.

More recently, I have made a friend who is training so diligently and inspires me so much, that I have no doubt I will one day soon be tracking her online as she runs the Boston Marathon. No matter what your age or goals, training is such an emotional roller coaster that we all get caught up in, sharing in our successes and failures as if it was a team sport.

To date, I’ve run half marathons in Ottawa and Montreal, and countless 10k’s, 5K’s and a 12k (that turned into a 14k bc we got lost – oops!). I’m never tired of running. I’ve organized workplace run clubs during tax season (this can be a stressful time in an accounting firm – and what better way to manage stress & increase productivity!). I love to join others moms at my kids’ school after drop-off to run around our neighborhood. I’ve even organized a Family Fun Run at our children’s school. I truly love the sport so much that I am constantly trying to get others involved in it.

I have recently forayed into the world of triathlons, hoping to complete two sprint triathlons this year, as well as the swim leg of a relay half-ironman.

I can’t say enough about the running community here in the SJ area. They are why I run. Seriously – have you ever seen a depressed looking runner?! Unless they are experiencing technical difficulties with their Garmin, every runner I meet is super positive and happy to share their goals, training plans, and really anything else they’ve got going on. I have made, and continue to make, lifelong friends through running.Brent Kelly new 2 Haley(1)

Now I’m not going to lie: I’m a statistics junkie. I immediately come home and download the details from my Garmin after a run. Analyze my pace, compare it to other runs, consider the other factors: fatigue, weather, hydration. Predict how my next run will go, establish new goals. Excel is often involved. Things get serious. So maybe the sport appeals to my numbers side too. J

Finally, the last reason I run is to show my kids the community that I was not aware existed at their age. They do not have to “try out” or “make the team”. They don’t need a scheduled time to practice. They just need a pair of running shoes and the great outdoors. We can do it together or they can run on their own or with friends.

Marathon by the Sea is one of my favorite events of the season, because I get to run through the streets of this awesome city and it is the event where I am most likely to see the majority of my running friends all at once. And let’s face it, it’s no flat course – we’re a tough bunch!

Run in the rain, run in the snow, run in the sunshine – just run! You’ll feel great (and if you need a buddy just give me a call).

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