We finished 10k

blog hitsFor a small blog that is active about half the year, we hit a mini milestone Tuesday evening, with our 10,000th page view.

The blog started as a personal diary of sorts and then morphed into a home to house our Running Whys features. When that happened, it grew and grew. It seems there are a small but regular crew of readers who are intrigued by the exploits, motivations and tales of runners who predominantly call New Brunswick home, particularly in Greater Saint John and Greater Fredericton.

Mind you, some of the early traction came from Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia as well as some from Ontario. Most of the traffic comes from Canada (95 per cent) and the United States but somehow this year, interested souls from 22 countries (37 in 2014 and 11in 2013) have landed on this site – (possibly by mistake but they are recorded).

Facebook and Google searches of all kinds drive the bulk of the traffic along with our regular supporters.

Further, the Running Whys series on the Marathon by the Sea website over the past two years has yielded approximately 8,500 hits. Again, a small total but a significant amount that accounts for a range of 20-45 per cent of hits on that site the day a story appears. This year, registrations are more than double for MBTS when compared to last year and organizers are expecting record totals when it is all said and done.

For all of that, thanks for stopping by.

We will be busy until late October this year and the most hectic time will be in the next month leading to the Marathon by the Sea.


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