The Running Whys – 2015

RunningWhysNew faces, new challenges, new results.

The athletes we featured in the 2015 edition of the Running Whys for Marathon by the Sea allowed the readers and fans of this great event a look at their dedication and inspiration, all with an eye on Sunday’s 21st annual event that got underway Friday.

There were many struggles, but goal setting played a part in helping our runners overcome them.

In the lead up to this year’s MBTS, we also have profiled the legacy of Const. Doug LarcheHannah ArseneaultTodd Price, Erica MacMillan Carol Lynn LandryDonald and Elspeth Lemon, Carolyn Radcliffe, Andrew Estey, Corinne Fournier, Kevin McEachern, Sherri Colwell-McCavour, Jesse Davidson, Jason Kaulbach, Jacqueline Boucher, Jen Payne, Mark Clinton, Patty MacMillan, Haley Adams-Green, Dean Mercer, Caitlin Stevens-Kelly, Carla Harris, Dave Horgan, and Krista Sutton.

One man overcame a broken neck in 2015 and this weekend, looks to complete his first ever marathon.

Another woman, who ran the full marathon in 2014, is back this year, her training started for the 5k just days after she completed 18 weeks of chemotherapy treatments.

Runners in this series lost incredible amounts of weight, logged dizzying amounts of kilometres and changed their lives, all because they wanted to run Marathon by the Sea. It caps off today with the final day of action in what’s already developed into a fantastic weekend.

Check out the complete Marathon by the Sea schedule

Some have ran Boston, others want to qualify for Boston. Others hoped to finish their first race ever this weekend. Every story offered a unique glimpse into runners in our area, from community leaders to those in the background wanting to check the next goal off their private bucket list.

There were fathers and daughters and mothers and sons and husband and wives and cousins and friends, so many friends.

Darryl Steeves, the running columnist at the Telegraph-Journal said the following when he was emcee of the MBTS press conference: “Geez, some of those Running Whys stories will rip your heart out.”

The response online was fantastic and we thank everyone for that – from the runners who provided insight to the readers who flocked to the website twice a week for the latest installment.

Here are some of the many many quotes we read online.

Thank you and good luck to all!

“After reading this I no longer feel doing a half October 2016 is out of my reach (just did my first 5k on the weekend and I’m hooked!”)

“I loved your honesty and your words of wisdom. You’re an inspiration and you make me want to do better.”

 “Running ambassador extraordinaire!”

“I am so proud to call this girl my best friend. This article is fabulous! You are so inspiring and motivating.”

“This is great.”

“She is a real inspiration and great support for all who know her. I am proud to call her a friend and wish her well in her upcoming races”

“I’m just so happy you started running .I’ve had so much fun running with you!!!! So proud you manage to find a balance between mommy, teacher and runner that works for you…”

“You should be really proud of yourself! I still remember the first day of the running program. You’ve come so far! Thumbs up to you!”

“Such a great story of perseverance and determination! Your children have some pretty amazing role models as parents.”

“So proud of him!”

“It just goes to show you that if you are determined and I mean DETERMINED in this case,.. you can achieve your goals! I still see him running on the weekends and he is often at the gym as early as 4:30am before his very busy job. NO excuses coming from this lad, he makes his lifestyle a priority!”

“Clear, focused, honest and achieving your goals!”

“Very inspirational.”

“Wow!! Very inspirational! The kids want to be like daddy. Every time I feel the mom-guilt about going out for a long run with my training buddies, I’ll remind myself that it’s a great example for the kids.”

“Tears reading this , its so great !”

“You are absolutely brilliant beautiful and inspiring! Thanks for the wonderful story!”

 “Right on bro good work keep it up.”

“Looking good.”

“I’m just so happy you started running .I’ve had so much fun running with you!!!! So proud you manage to find a balance between mommy,teacher and runner that works for you…”

“So very proud of this amazing lady!”

“I love this girl. Great story. You’re so inspiring!”

“So many challenges in such a short time and you handled each one as it came with determination and drive. Always upbeat and ready for the next goal you set for yourself. You are an inspiration…”

“So happy I meant you through running and Triathalons! You are so positive.”

“You are a great motivator! Thanks for all the encouragement the last few years.”

“I hope you realize how much you are valued as a great runner! You inspire beyond measure! Great read! I cried;)”

 “Love it.”

“You go girl.”

“So inspirational.”

“Choked me up.”                       

“So proud.”

The stories proved motivational for some such as this entry:

“This definitely makes me want to try again. You are not JUST doing this for yourself, you are motivating others too! Xo

There is still some work to do.

“ALMOST makes me want to take up running,” said one reader. “ ALMOST…”

There is always next year.

Once again, thank you.

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