A Running Whys recap and a call for stories for 2017 MBTS.

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Thank you and congratulations to those who took part in the 2016 Running Whys for the Emera Marathon By the Sea.

Now that the 2016 Emera Marathon By the Sea is in the books, it is not too early to look forward to 2017 and the next edition of the Running Whys. Each year since we started, the runners we have featured have produced a roll of amazing tales of  “Dedication, Inspiration and Perspiration.”

This year was no different and we are betting that there are many many more great stories out there in the running community. If you know someone who will be competing in 2017 edition of Marathon By The Sea and has a great story to tell, sent a note to kevinbarrett16@gmail.com and we will touch base to start our story telling training for 12 months time.

Until then, here is a final a look back at some of the reaction to the people we featured in 2016.

Have a great year!

Brenda Guitard

Marathon by the Sea was a fantastic event! I participated in the Port City Challenge, running 5 km Friday night, 5 kmSaturday morning, and the half marathon Sunday morning. While none of the events were even close to my usual race times, I still enjoyed running every single race.

The event was well organized. The night time “glow stick” run was a great way to start the weekend. The weather was next to perfect all three days. It was great to see so many runners I know achieve personal bests in one or more of the races, to see people participating in their first running events, to see many friends over the weekend, and to see so many people inspiring others.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s Marathon By the Sea. In the meantime, I will continue to run, training for the Maine Marathon in October as well as several other fall races.

Paul Sands

I ran the Port City Challenge in the 5 / 5 / Half. It was a superbly run event and the volunteers were amazing.

The attached picture is of me finishing up the Saturday 5K and breaking the 20 minute barrier for the first time. I am be looking forward to next year already.

Bill Joudry

This was an awesome experience that I will never forget.

Friday at the last minute I decided to do what I thought I would never do and decided to do both 5 k runs. I won’t lie, it was tough for me to do but it was so worth it. I’m just sorry that I didn’t sign on for the final day 10k,

Next year for sure, Great time!

Sue Teakles

I found this half marathon a real struggle. But sometimes you need a bad run to remind you of why you love running so much. As I struggled on the course, I was encouraged by other runners as they passed me, which reminded me why I love the running community.

I was able to encourage another struggling runner in the last kilometer and we finished together, making the finish line even sweeter. And I proved to myself that I can finish any race I start, no matter my finish time or how tough it is.

Virginia Joudrey

Thank You all. What a great weekend. So happy I signed up for the Port City Challenge again this year as it was an even more challenge for me personally as I don’t like heights and I don’t do Bridges. Sunday I had to do both not knowing this when I signed up but that’s OK it made it even more of a challenge and Thriller. I got to talk to and meet some very inspirational people – BILL Joudry being one, Terry Thorne and my Mom who is suffering from Progressive Dementia and will be 87 yrs young on Aug 29.  Looking forward to Running Marathon by the Sea again in Aug 2017.  Happy Running My Friends!

Andrée Germain

I ran the MBTS Port City Challenge as planned.  Ran well both 5Ks, placed first in my age group, but the half marathon on Sunday was a tough challenge for my tender heel that obliged me to walk-run the second half of the course. Still all smiles at the end, What a great weekend it was. 🙂

Jeremy Brown

This year’s Marathon by the Sea was bitter sweet. Although I was injured and could not run, I love the atmosphere of this race so instead of differing to 2017, we walked all three events. Watching all the runners go by was hard, but I knew many could relate or sympathize with my current situation – some even in the same boat and walking the race too.

Charlotte Flewelling

Congratulations everyone we survived our training and executed our race(s).

I was given my Harbour Passage 5k finishers medal by Terri, a very touching moment and giving her a high five at the start start. I met Andrée Germain, giving her best wishes for her half and final piece of her Port City Challenge. These were the moments that the Running Whys inspired.

Natalie Davidson

I had injured my knee three weeks before the race and hadn’t run since then, so combine that with travelling (eating Canadian food and jet leg, etc) along with a cold and it was a long day. It was hard at times running by myself and I almost pulled the pin and turned my half into the 10k after crossing Harbour Bridge.  However, thanks to some encouraging words from volunteers and a fellow runner, I now have a new medal to bring back (to Australia) with me!

“I was an emotional wreck crossing that finish line as I had to fight the instinct to give up in order to cross the finish line.  After the run/walk I had, I was actually surprised I finished in the time I did.  Thanks to all the volunteers – they make the run!!

Here are the stories we featured in 2016 : Virginia JoudreyBill Joudry, Natalie Davidson, Terry Thorne, Jeremy Brown, Cheryl DonovanJoe ComeauMike Doyle, Charlotte Flewelling, Andree Germain, Sue Teakles, Brenda Guitard, Paul Sands; Final preview



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