The Running Whys – Dylan Magee

Dylan 2This year, we wanted to touch base with runners attending Marathon By The Sea from far and wide and we reached Dylan Magee of Texas. He was set to come to Saint John before a few things popped up unexpectedly and he had to change his plans. However, he gave the okay to run his Running Whys. Here it is.


I am 24 years old and currently live in Houston, TX but was actually born in Edmonton, Alberta and raised in a suburb of Dallas, TX.

My family moved from Edmonton to Dallas due to my dad’s job being relocated; I was 3 and my sister was only 6 months old. I currently am preparing to move to Portland, Maine in the next couple of weeks to start dental school there at the end of August.

I have worked in retail and as a dental assistant for the past couple of years in Houston, TX.

I really started to run around my second year in university, though I had gone on short jogs before in high school and during my first year of university. I started off only running about 3/4 of a mile or maybe 1 mile. I was a bit overweight in high school, so I really didn’t have much athletic background before starting to run.

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The main reason why I decided to run was a combination of stress from university and my parents’ divorce. I started to run a bit during my first year of university, but as the courses became more challenging and the classwork became more cumbersome, I realized I needed a healthy outlet for all of my stress so I decided to run.

My dorm room was right by the trail that wound around campus, so that made it convenient for me as well. Additionally, I had stress coming in from my home life, since my mom told me during my second year of university that she was planning on divorcing my dad. This placed a huge emotional burden on me and the rest of my family, and running allowed me to listen to music and take my mind off of what was going on at home or in my classes. It became an outlet for me to channel any pent-up energy or feelings into something productive.

As I continued to run throughout my years at university, the number of miles I would run continued to increase until I ran my first two half-marathons in 2013 and 2014, and my first marathons in 2015 and 2016. Today, I enjoy running not only because it still allows me to release my energy in a healthy, productive way but also because I am more body confident now than I have ever been before and I know that running has helped get me to this point. It’s an all-around healthy hobby and it is something that is an integral part of my life, even though I never would have imagined in high school that I would be running marathons one day.

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My big goal for 2016 is to just continue running several days a week, even when I am starting dental school and will need to be studying every day. I think that running will continue to allow me to release the stresses of school in a healthy manner.

Eventually I would like to qualify for the Boston Marathon and participate in it. One item on my bucket list is to run a marathon on every continent in the world – yes, even Antarctica!

My most memorable runs have probably been my first half-marathon (The 2013 Bearathon in Waco, TX where I attended Baylor University) and my first marathon (The 2015 Austin Marathon in Austin, TX) because these were such huge milestones for someone who had only been running for a couple of years beforehand.

Plus, I was never considered the ‘athletic one’ in high school, so reaching these points solidified that view of myself and continued to make me strive to improve my distances and times when running.

I do not have any training partners or a training routine. I just started out running by myself and I have continued to amend my running routes to make them longer whenever I can. Sometimes I will go for a jog with a friend, but most of the time my friends cannot keep up with my pace or distance so I consider those ‘fun runs’.

What I liked most about running when I started was the way it made me feel – releasing any negative feelings or emotions and replacing them with the ‘good feeling’ that the dopamine release provides. But now I realize that running also allows me to explore an area and see more of the world. Whenever I am traveling to a new place, I ALWAYS go for a run so that I can explore more of the area than I would in a car or by walking. Traveling is my second favorite hobby, besides running, so running in a new place is a great combination for me!

All I can say about running is that it is one of the main parts of my life, and whenever I meet someone else who says they like to run I always have an instant connection with that person. I try to convince my friends to run but most of the time that doesn’t work!

I’m fine with running by myself though, since it gives me an hour or so out of the day to myself. I hope to run throughout my entire life, as it is a healthy habit to help keep me fit and something that I truly enjoy.

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