The Running Whys – Run for the Cure

personalThe UniCats. That was the name of the secret club Kathy and her friend Michelle had when they were 12 years old. UniCats believe in the power of magic/miracles (unicorns) and are as fierce as big cats.

Read Kathy’s Run For the Cure page here.

It is the perfect name for the team we are organizing for this year’s CIBC Run for the Cure on Sunday, Oct. 2.

When the Running Whys changed its early focus on the greater running community from a personal log and forum, Kathy was one of the first people I profiled as I reached out to family and friends to gauge interest. I was blown away by the reaction everyone had to the stories and it led to the format you see today.kevin kathy

Since we were married, Kathy has always been so supportive of my running interests and has completed a number of events, including the PEI Marathon’s half marathon in 2013.

She detailed that experience here

This past December, Kathy was diagnosed with breast cancer and has undergone surgery, five months of chemo and 30 radiation treatments. She been amazing throughout the entire process.

She posted this video when she finished her final chemo treatment in June.

This year’s Run For The Cure event takes place two weeks after Kathy’s radiation treatments end and although she is not sure what shape she will be in by then, she plans to walk the 5 km at the very least. We are telling her story, seeking donations and looking to make a difference as the UniCats.

By making a donation, not only will you become part of a national movement that will come together in communities across Canada, but you will ensure more money is invested in the most promising research projects in support of the 1 in 9 Canadian women expected to develop breast cancer during her lifetime.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.


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