The Running Whys – Dianne Sharpe

Dianne 1This story ran in the July 30 edition of the Daily Gleaner.

It was more than 20 years ago when Dianne Sharpe found the flexibility in running as the perfect substitute for the regimented fitness classes she was having a tough time making because of work demands and life with a young family.

Little did the Saint John native, who has called Fredericton home since the mid 1980s, realize then that she’d never leave her new recreational pursuit and that it would take her to some of the biggest races the sport has to offer.

I feel free when I am running and I love that,” said Sharpe, a speech language pathologist in the city. Continue reading

The Running Whys – Darren Brideau

darrenThis story ran in the July 25th edition of the Daily Gleaner.

Darren Brideau’s decision to take up running started at a hockey rink almost 20 years ago, and the Keswick Ridge resident says it was the right call.

At the time, Brideau offered to help out when his son signed up for speedskating but once he got on the ice, Darren noticed older instructors breezing around the rink while he was struggling to keep up. Continue reading