The Running Whys – Paul Sands

Paul's Marathon 2015This is the first in a series of stories on runners, walkers and volunteers who will be taking part in the Marathon by the Sea this upcoming August. This is the third year for these stories entitled the Running Whys and in 2016, we lead off with Paul Sands of Saint John.



It’s been almost four years since Paul Sands of Saint John got back into running. In June of 2012, then 58, Paul started walking, then running, in an effort to combat the effects of sitting most of his work day at a desk. Continue reading

The Running Whys – Jill Johnson


Jill Johnson’s running career started out as a complimentary activity.

Running was a natural training fit for the Fredericton native, who played competitive soccer in high school and university, and later at the semiprofessional level with the Ottawa Fury for three years. The formula was straight forward. The more she ran, the better she played. Continue reading

The Running Whys – Carol Lynn Landry

Carol Lynn Landry is competing in the 2015 Emera by the Sea half marathon Aug. 9.

Carol Lynn Landry is competing in the 2015 Emera by the Sea half marathon Aug. 9.

With encouragement from her friends and family and dedication in a new sport, Carol Landry has enjoyed the benefits of running, from its challenging distances to the camaraderie on and away from the course. As we head into the final days of training for the 2015 Emera Marathon by the Sea, Carol outlines her path to the half marathon race next week, a personal reward for someone who as a child, was more apt to bounce around gymnastics equipment or speed around the basketball court. Now, she enjoys her time in distance running. Here is her story. Enjoy.


by Carol Lynn Landry

“Of course you can!”

I don’t remember why I started running, but I do remember calling up my best friend Shelley on the eve of my 35th birthday and asking if she thought I could run a half marathon. She was a runner and always my voice of positivity and without missing a beat she said, “of course you can!”. Continue reading