The Running Whys – Jill Johnson


Jill Johnson’s running career started out as a complimentary activity.

Running was a natural training fit for the Fredericton native, who played competitive soccer in high school and university, and later at the semiprofessional level with the Ottawa Fury for three years. The formula was straight forward. The more she ran, the better she played. Continue reading

The Running Whys – Jim Willett

Jim Willett

Jim Willett of Newmarket, Ont. ran the Scotiabank Fredericton Marathon Sunday, the start of a three-week, 1,200 kilometre journey will eventually take him to the Ottawa Marathon on May 29. His Marathon2Marathon trek is his latest long-distance running adventure that all started after he finished treatments for colon cancer in 2011. During his upcoming journey, he wants to document the people he meets, the experiences he encounters and the places he visits and share them with the world via social media. Photo: Submitted  This story ran in the Fredericton Daily Gleaner on May 7, 2016.

Jim Willett describes himself as storyteller, a cancer warrior and an adventure seeker.

This weekend, Willett, a native of Newmarket, Ont., will use Fredericton as a launching pad to highlight all three aspects of his personality, setting forth on an a trek that will link the Scotiabank Fredericton Marathon Sunday with the Ottawa Marathon on May 29.

The goal is to run both marathon events as well as all 1,200 kilometres in between, the latest test of endurance and dedication that helped him get through his fight with cancer, one that’s taught him valuable personal lessons and given him a greater perspective on life andimproved appreciation for others. Continue reading