In Molly’s words – The Running Whys


Molly celebrates as she crosses the finish line of the 2013 Hypothermic Half Marathon in Saint John.

As I neared the top, I heard Dad say: “It’s your race now.” I knew that was code for: “Time to relax. You’re going to reach your time goal.” The final metres were downhill. I crossed the line with my arms in the air. The rest of my family and my fiancé were waiting there. Because of their support, and my decision to finally believe in myself, the “last person on Earth to ever like running” had completed her first half-marathon in 2:27.

Molly is another one of those eager Saint John Streakers I talked about yesterday, one who took on the December running challenge and another who also happened to work at Brunswick News when I was there.  We seemed to develop into an avid running crew! Molly, like many, has used running for fitness reasons, hoping to lose weight after earning her degree and in less than one year, did remarkable job. Definitely, many can identify with that goal. As has been the case with other runners in this series, Molly also understands the many benefits fitness and running provide. And for her, those benefits are personal and powerful motivators.

Here is her story.



by Molly Cormier

On the morning of January 1, 2013, I woke up feeling different than I usually did on the first day of a new year. Continue reading