The Running Whys – Murray Lowery-Simpson


The story ran in the July 29 edition of the Daily Gleaner.

It’s been a while since those early runs for Murray Lowery-Simpson, taking part in his elementary school races as a grade school student in Halifax.

And while the results weren’t exactly the greatest, the experience of those first steps formed a formative base, one that assisted his hockey fitness skills as a teenager and subsequently led him to approximately 20 marathons as an adult, all after he moved to Fredericton around the year 2000. Continue reading

The Running Whys – Jon Curtis

Jon CurtisAbout five years ago, Jon Curtis and his mother Andrea Power developed a family tradition, adding another component to their annual Mother’s Day celebrations with a short run in the Halifax-Dartmouth area.

Andrea, a veteran marathoner, has always encouraged Jon and his brothers William, Christopher and Luke to get out and keep active for the obvious fitness benefits. The hope was that because Jon and Andrea have asthma, the exercise would assist them in their daily lives, especially considering both of Jon’s grandparents passed away from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Continue reading

The Running Whys – Donald and Elspeth Lemon

Elspeth and Donald Lemon celebrate after finishing the Ottawa Marathon in 2013.

Elspeth and Donald Lemon celebrate after finishing the Ottawa Marathon in 2013.

There is something about running that appeals to family bonding, particularly between parents and their children once they are both adults. That is the case for Don and Elspeth Lemon, who in recent years, have encouraged, supported and motivated each other in races ranging from the short to the long. Marathon by the Sea has played an instrumental role in that process and next month, both will be back for MBTS weekend, this time for the half marathon. Read their story and then find out what major event they have planned for later in August. Enjoy.


by Donald and Elspeth Lemon

When Elspeth completed university in 2006, she suggested I get back into running as it was something that she was going take up now that she was done school and moving back home. She remembered that I had run years ago and thought it was something we could do together. Continue reading

The Running Whys – Dean Mercer

Dean Mercer has completed 19 half marathons and 26 full marathons that all started with a decision to enter the Marathon by the Sea in 2001. Photo Submitted.

Dean Mercer has completed 19 half marathons and 26 full marathons that all started with a decision to enter the Marathon by the Sea in 2001. Photo Submitted.

Dean Mercer is a familiar face on the provincial running scene and in April, he once again enjoyed the thrill of running the Boston Marathon. But his annual trek to Marathon by the Sea holds a special place in his heart as it is the site of his first half marathon and his first full marathon. He’s always one of the top performers as evidenced in 2014, when he finished sixth overall in MBTS. He is back again in 2015. Here is his story.


by Dean Mercer

I actually started running for exercise at Dalhousie University.  I would love to run around Point Pleasant Park in Halifax.  But once I graduated from pharmacy, and moved back home to work in the valley, I said to my wife Continue reading

Day 1, Week 1

I got the calculator out this weekend and determined that my timeline for PEI consists of 154 days. Daunting when expressed in those terms. But the best part of the plans are the various sub goals and mini goals along the way, as well as some test runs to assess fitness and progress.

However, if there is one sure-fire way to get motivation levels boosted, particularly at the start of a 22-week journey, then reading the results of friends and their performances at major events on their running schedules is the way to do that.

In early May, my wife Kathy was rewarded for her dedication to cross training and running as she knocked almost two minutes off her best time in the 5k. Even more impressive was the time was almost seven full minutes faster than 5k we ran when we lived in Fredericton – in 1999.

Just two Sundays ago, my former TJ colleague April Cunningham blazed through the Fredericton half marathon and knocked about 14 minutes off her previous best time for the half marathon. If you know April, you can appreciate her dedication and progress after a relatively short time in the sport.

Also in Fredericton, an old media colleague Andrew Holland completed the Fredericton half marathon, approximately one year after some significant health issues kept him away from the training circuit.

This past Sunday, a former Guardian staffer Shelley Carroll drove from her home in Amherst to the 10th annual Bluenose Marathon. Shelley, whose been active in the sport for  a number of years, kicked some serious ass, clocking in approx 3:38 to qualify for her first Boston Marathon.

So when you see results like these, it is easy to get out the door and back on the roads.

For me, the first official day of training was a 10k run Sunday morning, in 8C temperatures. I am still getting over the flu and my enthusiasm was lacking somewhat but I completed the distance in a steady 5:45/km.

Congrats to all who accomplished goals in the past couple of weeks in Fredericton and Halifax.

Well done.

This week’s schedule: 5 runs, approx 40-45 kms. Base training.

– Kevin