Tempos and a missed run

This was not the greatest week for running as for some reason, it was a mental fight to get out the door each session. It cost me one session Wednesday as I just did not have it to get going after a day at work and then a special freelance photo job in the evening. Possibly, I will make it up Monday.

Overall, it was tough to take that first step all week (maybe the deck work caught up to me) but now that a week of vacation has hit, it figures to get easier. I must admit that reading others’ blogs or updates got me going with some messages of inspiration or dedication. Reading those made me think that October’s run will get rated as a success only if I put in the work now. I’ve done that in the past but maybe because I am blogging, the accountability factor has jumped and there is no room to slack off.

And this is an intense week in the Pfitzner training plan for the P.E.I. Marathon so if I make up the lost run (8k recovery pace) on Monday, all will be good.

The big session of the week was Tuesday’s tempo effort, which consisted of 8km at 5:00 per km pace of a 14km run. It equalled the longest tempo distance of training so far and took me through some solid elevation swings. Good news is the tempo paces were all under 5:00 per km, averaging 4:55 and ranging between 4:48-4:59.

After Wednesday’s missed run, I hit the road for 16km on Thursday, averaging 5:57, which is consistent with my pacing (15 per cent above Marathon pace) the previous two times I ran that distance.

Friday was an off day and Saturday morning, I hit the treadmill for a light run at 6:47 per km.

Now to get back on track.


Tuesday – 3k warm up, then 8k tempo, aiming for 5:00 per km, 3k cool down

Thursday – 16k average 5:57

Saturday – 8k, treadmill. 6:50 pace while watching the British Open.

Sunday 26 k, with 13 at marathon pace

Good news is that weigh in this week was 182.5 pounds, down from 189 earlier in this cycle.

Quick update – more later

It was bound to happen but I had to skip a run this week – an 8k recovery run Wednesday. Hope to get it in tonight, a scheduled off day.

Went Tuesday and for the 8k of tempo scheduled, came in under 5:00 per km each time, so that was good; last night, 16k run, that was as the week has been – some good, some not so good.