One week down, 21 to go

The first week of training served notice that yup, I am actually doing this. Time for a deep breath. The running total was 43k (in eight days mind you), with three 10k runs in there. Nothing that fast or slow, just average pace. Still feeling the impact from the flu bug now two weeks old and it was tough to get going all week as I felt worn out.

Not encouraging considering what lies ahead but it is something I believe to be short term. It was reflected in my 5k time in a race at our school Sunday – 26:35.

I did accomplish a dubious first though – missing the start of the race. There were several races that day for the kids – one 500 metres, another just over 1k. When the longer one was finished and my daughters celebrated their runs with a medal and a tasty Popsicle, I thought it was safe to run to the facilities.

When I got back, the crowd looked more sparse than I had remembered. Avery, seeing me there, frantically says, ‘They have already gone, get going.’ I did not believe it but yup, the race directors confirmed the race was about 2 minutes old. Not a great way to get underway but a good lesson learned. I was able to catch a few of the runners ahead and considering the remnants of the flu or the small chest cold I was still dealing with, the overall outing was not that bad.

It rained most of the weekend, broke in time for the race and then rained again in the afternoon, so the timing worked out well for organizers.

Last week – 5 runs, 43 ks.

This week – 5 runs, 50 k, including one long run of 14k.

– Kevin