The Running Whys – John Maher

John MaherThis story ran in the Daily Gleaner in October.

John Maher was 44, solidly entrenched in his career in Fredericton and raising two active sons with his wife Linda.

It was the spring of 2013.

Within a short-time period, he got two phone calls, the kind you dread, the kind that change things forever. Continue reading

The Running Whys – Donald and Elspeth Lemon

Elspeth and Donald Lemon celebrate after finishing the Ottawa Marathon in 2013.

Elspeth and Donald Lemon celebrate after finishing the Ottawa Marathon in 2013.

There is something about running that appeals to family bonding, particularly between parents and their children once they are both adults. That is the case for Don and Elspeth Lemon, who in recent years, have encouraged, supported and motivated each other in races ranging from the short to the long. Marathon by the Sea has played an instrumental role in that process and next month, both will be back for MBTS weekend, this time for the half marathon. Read their story and then find out what major event they have planned for later in August. Enjoy.


by Donald and Elspeth Lemon

When Elspeth completed university in 2006, she suggested I get back into running as it was something that she was going take up now that she was done school and moving back home. She remembered that I had run years ago and thought it was something we could do together. Continue reading

The Running Whys – Carolyn Campbell


Carolyn Campbell, left, races the final stages of the 2008 Marathon By the Sea with her good friend Heather Davis.

Editor’s note: Nearly six years after crossing the finish line at Marathon By The Sea in her first marathon, Carolyn Campbell still gets emotional when she thinks about how she got there. For some people, running represents many different things. For her, it provided an outlet to set goals, deal with the curve balls life throws at us and learn more about her inner strength. What follows is a poignant account of her experiences with Marathon By the Sea.

There is this: “Twice a week for 12 weeks, we met and we ran. We cried, we laughed, we swore. But we also ran!”

And this: “I cried as I crossed the finish line because to me this gave me the ammunition to call myself a runner.”

Her journey from non-runner to marathoner is another of the inspirational tales Marathon By the Sea has experienced in its celebrated 20 year history.


I had never really paid any attention to running events.  They were for elite runners. I was 100 pounds overweight and running was not in the cards for me. In 2004, I moved to Ottawa and arrived on Ottawa race weekend. I had no idea what was going on, I was just caught up in the crowd and could feel a buzz of energy like I’ve never felt before. I realized it was all for this running event, and that people of all walks of life were participating. Continue reading