Liking the new approach to the long run

Both good and bad to report as the third week of a four-week base training plan finished up. Now, it is the last bit of ‘preparation’  and the homestretch of the first stage of getting ready for the P.E.I. Marathon.

The good was my developing admiration for the Pfitzer approach to dealing with long runs. That is breaking them into two segments; the first at 20 per cent above goal pace and the second at 10 per cent above goal pace. Sunday’s LSD was 16k and with various scheduling options, I got out for a nice afternoon run, with temperatures in the mid teens C, not bad humidity and a slight wind that was at my back for the first half and facing me in the second half.

The goal for the run equated to 8K @6:41 pace to start , followed by 8K @6:07 to finish. As has been the case, I have been struggling to hit the targets. Slow is good for these lengthy runs, the run doctors say. Over stressing on the long runs can lead to problems and fatigue through the week on other runs and eventually, injuries or other factors will kick in to curtail training efforts.

The result Sunday was an opening half in 6:29 per k and the second half in 5:48 per k, for a nice negative split. There is quite a hill (the girls and I call it Will Hill) in the final 500 metres of this course, and last week I walked a small part of the way. This time, I made it all the way, which was a nice way to end.

The bad was just four runs for 41K – 9K and one outing short of the weekly goal. I was going to run Thursday and Friday evenings but each night, once I crossed the 9:30 p.m. threshold, I was too tired. I really have to deal with this soon, especially in the second week of the actual plan, when Kms take a decided increase.

Another bad note was eating – see note on weight below.

Week 3, 41 k, four runs, including 16k-long run

Week 4, goal 50 k, run 5 times, get in 18k-long run.

Weight – 188 last week; 189 this week (too many of those tasty Tims’ cinnamon rolls this week as well as Pizza two nights for supper)