The Running Whys – Justin Young

Justin Young 1This story ran in the Daily Gleaner in August.

The more Justin Young keeps running, the more his motives and appreciation for the sport stays the same. Continue reading


The Running Whys – Marc Gallant

Marc GallantThis ran in the Daily Gleaner on April 15, 2017.

It was five years ago when, somewhat reluctantly, Fredericton’s Marc Gallant took his first steps as a runner, taking part in a group with his wife Tanya to help her tackle a resolution to improve her fitness levels.

Initially, he was not that interested in joining Tanya and one of her friends in a 2012 Running Room clinic. But one week, when Tanya’s friend could not make it, he relented and joined his wife for the weekly run. Continue reading

The Running Whys – Jill Johnson


Jill Johnson’s running career started out as a complimentary activity.

Running was a natural training fit for the Fredericton native, who played competitive soccer in high school and university, and later at the semiprofessional level with the Ottawa Fury for three years. The formula was straight forward. The more she ran, the better she played. Continue reading

The Running Whys – Erica MacMillan

Erica MacMillan poses with her friends Angela Stewart and Cheryl Donovan after a race in Hampton.

Erica MacMillan poses with her friends Angela Stewart and Cheryl Donovan after a race in Hampton.

When we asked Erica (Findley) MacMillan to join us for the Running Whys, she submitted her story (which is below) along with some biographical info, such as her name, the fact she was 27, born and raised in Saint John, was a substitute teacher, married, a mother of twin three-year-old boys….and a runner.

The last point has helped all aspects of her life and in the past few years, she has taken on many challenges, including the Marathon by the Sea. She is back again this year and she outlines her story below.


by Erica MacMillan

I remember watching a triathlon when I was younger and thinking about the human body and its capabilities.  I remember in high school and early university, going out for walks and small runs and thinking about racing but never being ready to commit. Continue reading