The Running Whys – Jon Curtis

Jon CurtisAbout five years ago, Jon Curtis and his mother Andrea Power developed a family tradition, adding another component to their annual Mother’s Day celebrations with a short run in the Halifax-Dartmouth area.

Andrea, a veteran marathoner, has always encouraged Jon and his brothers William, Christopher and Luke to get out and keep active for the obvious fitness benefits. The hope was that because Jon and Andrea have asthma, the exercise would assist them in their daily lives, especially considering both of Jon’s grandparents passed away from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Continue reading

The Running Whys – Mary Kate Wedge

Mary Kate

This story ran in the April 29 edition of the Daily Gleaner.

This time a year ago, Fredericton resident Mary Kate Wedge had plenty on her plate.

She was busy professionally as a pharmacist at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital and the Summerside, P.E.I., native was also deep in the planning stages for her October wedding to Rob Agar.

And for good measure, she was prepping for the Fredericton Marathon.

In terms of running, there were no time guarantees last May, considering her hectic personal agenda, but she knew if she put in a strong effort on the traditionally fast course, she’d have a shot at qualifying for the 2017 Boston Marathon. Continue reading

The Running Whys – Jesse Davidson

Jesse Davidson has adjusted his work schedule to make room for training on Harbour Passage.

Jesse Davidson has adjusted his work schedule to make room for training on Harbour Passage.

For Jesse Davidson, the decision to run the Marathon by the Sea’s Into the Night 5K event was based on a long-range desire to walk his daughters down the aisle on their wedding days.

As a result, Jesse recently came to a realization.

These days, his life is hectic, with two energetic young girls, a loving family and a career in the IT industry which leads to long stretches of time behind a computer terminal.

Yet, he knew that if he did not make changes in his physical activity levels, he might not be around for any weddings and have the honour of accompanying either of them on their most special of days. Continue reading

Back on track

Hello all; the midpoint of training featured a break to attend a wonderful wedding in PEI and to wrap up youth soccer, where I retrned to the coaching role for the first time since 1996. The impact hit the weekly output. I short, I ran three times last week, for approx 35 kms;

I resumed last night and feel this previously unscheduled intermission might be the best tonic of all. I have a few thoughts I will share later from the week’s festivities.

Mid-training notebook; Limited miles, wedding, travel and my wife is out of town

Just a series of notes in a rather limited week of training this week, which I need to address.

Marathon By the Sea

Last year, the Marathon By The Sea represented my third half marathon and after a 1:42:53 effort in Fredericton a few months earlier, I was pumped for a better result in Saint John. The course was hilly, and I did not really taper for the event as it was part of the plan for Moncton and the full marathon at Legs for Literacy in October. With that as the background, I may have got a little too confident and when I encountered plenty of hills in the early going of the annual mid-summer event in Saint John, I ran past my new (reduced) level of fitness. Fredericton was flat and fast and I tried to carry that to MBTS and in short, it did not happen, crashing after 8-10 km of hills, fog, rain and humidity and essentially limping home. I learned a lot on that day, how to deal with a number of hills, big humidity and pacing when it is not your day. I finished just shy of 1:53.00 and vowed revenge this year!

However, a family commitment (see below) has me out of town this weekend and as a result, I will have to resume the battle with MBTS next year. Still, I look forward to reading the results and hearing the details of this year’s event, which rates as difficult compared to many in the region. But a large field is expected, in part because of a neat three-part medal that is given out at the three big races in Fredericton, Saint John and Moncton.


I have struggled this week juggling a few things and I have missed several runs after the 29-km effort on Monday. The personal schedule is not great for medium runs this weekend, so I want to get in a few shorties and then one long effort Sunday. Mileage was supposed to be in the 50 mile range but it will not be that great. The training guide says every now and again, life takes over. This is one of those times. The good news is the under 7 Soaring Blue Eagles have really progressed this year and have made some great strides on the pitch. The season wraps up Tuesday!


The girls and I are headed to PEI again, this time for my cousin’s wedding, where, among other things, I am going to follow the bride around for the day and get lots of photos to chronicle the day. That should be a lot of fun. That also opens an opportunity for a long run Sunday over the final part of the course for the P.E.I. Marathon. Really looking forward to that.

Wife’s journey

Kathy will not be in PEI and after a solid 14 km effort last week, her job takes her across the Atlantic Ocean for the next week or so. She left Thursday, with work gear in hand as well as her Garmin, iPhone and running gear. Some 5km runs in the Scottish Highlands or along the Norwegian coastline may be in order. How good is that!

Good luck to all on the roads this weekend, training or racing!